Monitored Alarm Systems Liverpool

Crime affects everyone, not just the victims. Liverpool has had a history of crime since the 19th century and while the rate of crime had moderated compared to twenty or thirty years ago, protection from unwanted break-ins is still high on the list of most home and business owners across Merseyside.

At Webb Security we have been protecting our clients with high quality monitored alarm systems and state of the art security strategies since 1978. If you are thinking about either replacing your outdated security system or investing in your first one, we can offer professional advice, high quality security products and unrivalled service. Here are a few helpful hints and suggestions for those of you planning to invest in additional security for your belongings and family members.

Facts About Security and Monitored Alarm Systems Liverpool Residents Should Know

  • Rule # 1 – Never try to install a security system yourself. Unless one has been trained and understands security and monitoring devices, the chances of a faulty installation are high. You should make sure the installers you choose are NICEIC approved and that they comply with all applicable EN5013-1 standards.
  • An additional benefit of monitored alarm systems Liverpool residents can take advantage of is the fact that their alarm system is a visible deterrent to burglars. In reality, many burglars will pass on a building that shows signs of being armed with a monitored alarm system. Just because you have never known your system to raise the alarm doesn’t mean it hasn’t prevented a break in.
  • Alternatively, a good alarm system can be enhanced significantly by the follow up addition of deadbolt door locks on both front and back doors. They should be placed with the bolts located on both the top and the bottom of each door in the building. Motion sensitive outdoor lights as well as locks on all windows will further enhance the security level of your home or office.
  • If you are going on a trip or will be gone for an extended length of time, take precautions such as having a neighbour or trusted friend rotate lights left on in the house. Also, even though you have the latest in security systems, there is no substitute for a safe to store valuables in.
  • A side benefit of monitored alarm systems Liverpool homeowners can enjoy are the reduced rates that most insurance companies offer for those clients who have an approved alarm system on the premises. With affordable insurance rates, it just makes good sense to have your valuables covered in the rare chance that an intruder does manage to break-in and get away with items of value. Collectibles such a rare paintings and jewellery are especially vulnerable.
  • Basically, good home and business security strategies are based on common sense and professional support. At Webb Security we provide that professional advice as well as technological knowhow.

    Coupled with your common sense, a high level of security and safety at a reasonable cost are possible with a quick call to our office at 01925 724 449.

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